Our expertise

Expert on data business management

Tender alerts platform

International business opportunities specialist since 2005


Customized and scalable business skills


Processing, analyzis and development of economic and commercial data


Collecting and structuring millions of business and open data

Data mining

Digging up and development of data by Machine Learning algorithms.


Using open source, data visualization and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies


J360, marketing and competitive business intelligence

12 000+ users from 40 countries

Jurismarchés is the software editor of J360, international web application to identify new business opportunities and calls for tenders.

J360 selects more than 200 000 new publics and privates bids per month all around the world but also intentions to purchase, suppliers qualification systems, calls for proposals, contracts award and business news. The J360 business social network connects its users looking for partners to bid.

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Innovation Lab

CityZenMap, let’s build our territories together

What about using tenders in a different way?

Try CityZenMap, our experimental lab for public action and spatial planning popularization. The Jurismarchés team, always seeking innovation, experiments new business data uses allowing citizens to visualize and comment their local space planning projects, through open data.


Better decision-making by data

Our data serving your strategy

As business intelligence experts since 2005, we bid on market researches, competition studies, observatories of public procurements from our worldwide tenders alerts and results database for J360 clients, consulting firms, professional associations or local governments.


Enhance information with interaction & design

Optimizing data, from mining to visualization

Social clauses

Which French regions foster social inclusion ?

French regional reform

A more coherent demarcation ?

Local purchase in France

Interactions between regions

Public Procurement of Food

Priority to local suppliers ?


Launched in 2013, R&D has remodeled our company

Innovation serving performance

We developed a specific know-how in artificial intelligence, based on machine learning technologies, data mining and big data, applied to economic data processing. Through our continuous innovation process, we constantly provide you new J360 functionalities and innovative projects related to data analyzis. We are collaborating with several research labs.


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Quality and availability

Efficiency guides us.
Data quality is an obsession.
We ensure flawless reactivity.

Our relations with you

Your satisfaction is our reward.
Your success is ours.
Your data are confidential and not marketed or sold to anyone.

Seeking for exploration

Performance is a quest.
Innovation is our playground.
Each year, R&D investments represent 20 to 30 % of our turnover.

Open Source

  • Python
  • Django
  • Angular
  • Scipy
  • Scikit-Learn
  • ElasticSearch
  • PostgreSQL
  • D3
  • Scrapy


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